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Sometimes we screw up…sometimes we screw up royally. At the base of Mt. Sinai, Israel did the latter when they worshiped the golden calf. They earned God’s wrath – thankfully, because of intercession, God’s mercy was made known.


What do you do when you face challenges? We can deal with them in our pride, or we can humble ourselves and let the Lord guide us. When Paul faced his challenges, he humbled himself for the sake of the gospel and the sovereignty of God.

What a privilege it is to be invited to worship & serve the Living God! What does it look like? It looks a lot like the instructions God gave to Moses regarding the consecration of the priests, the redemption of the people, and the empowerment of the artisans to build the tabernacle.

Arguments are bound to happen, even between Christians. How do we deal with them? Trust God to guide you through them!

God desired to dwell with His people, and He told them exactly how He was going to do it…and all of it points to Jesus.

When it comes to legalism, just say “no.” Instead, say “yes” to grace!

In the battle between legalism and the gospel, the gospel of grace wins every time. Christians are saved by grace, through faith, period.