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As Christians, we might understand why Jesus rose from the dead, but the idea that WE will also rise from the dead is perhaps a bit more confusing. Paul answers more questions about the resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15:35-49.

What do you do when you have griefs and tragedies? As a Christian, you can take them to the Lord in prayer. God wants us to pray and invites us to pray, always ready to hear the prayers of His people. We see this principle in the life of Hannah, as the book of 1 Samuel begins.

As Paul continues in Chapter 15, he answers questions about the resurrection. What if it isn’t true? What will we expect in the future? What does it mean for today? The answers are found in the Bible.

The whole book of Ruth has pointed to the need for Ruth’s and Naomi’s redemption. In Chapter 4, they are redeemed! Is there anything better than redemption? Absolutely not!

In this Resurrection Sunday message, we continue with Paul’s letter of 1 Corinthians as he reminds them of the gospel he had previously preached to them. The gospel is *central* to our faith. It is foundational, it is factual, and it is transformational. Hold fast to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

For Ruth and Naomi to have any hope of redemption, it meant that Ruth needed to be willing to completely surrender. She had to give up, in order to gain. So do we. Surrender yourself to Jesus and receive His redemption!

As they were blessed with an abundance of spiritual gifts, the Corinthians were still to avoid confusion, avoid interruption, and avoid anarchy. How could they do it? By using their God-given gifts decently and in order.

What is it we most need in life? Grace. We need the grace of God in this life and in eternity – we need grace all day, every day. That grace is found in Jesus. In Ruth 2, we see the need for grace, the experience of grace, and the news of grace.

For all the controversy that surrounds the gifts of tongues, a simple question is why God might give them? Paul answers the question and shows a simple principle. Whatever God gives us, Christians are to use the things God gives according to God’s purposes for God’s glory.

The book of Ruth begins with terrible tragedy, due to sin among a family of Israelites. Eventually, the surviving mother turned back, with her loving daughter-in-law right beside her. God gives us the opportunity to turn back to Him…don’t waste it!