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As Paul continued his 3rd missionary journey, he showed himself as the consummate servant of Jesus. Wherever Paul was, and whoever he was with, he did everything for Christ.


As Paul wrapped up his ministry in Ephesus, a riot broke out, and things looked bleak as the people revolted against the gospel. But things took a miraculous turn. Jesus is the one to build His church, and His gospel can’t be stopped!

During the 2+ years Paul spent in Ephesus, there were other people who showed up claiming to be spiritually powerful. In a world full of counterfeits, what is *real* power? Real power is found only in Jesus and His gospel!

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Why does the resurrection matter? What does it mean for us today? Because Jesus is risen from the dead, it means *everything.*

When Paul ran across some people with a questionable salvation, he gave them the only thing that could give them true certainty: the gospel. When 100% of our hope is in Jesus, then we can be 100% certain of being saved.

As the priestly ministry began, Aaron did much right, while two of his sons did something terribly wrong. What made the difference? A holy fear of God.

Do New Testament Christians need to know about the ordination of Old Testament priests? Yes…it all points to Jesus! Jesus was set apart by God, Jesus is the sacrifice given unto God, and Jesus was supplied to serve God to the full – and Jesus equips us to serve God as well.