Tim Burns has been married to his beautiful bride since 1996, and together they have one daughter, and two dogs.  Tim is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Tyler in East Texas.

  1. Joel says:

    Pastor, I have finally checked out this blog. Sorry it took me so long!! Your parrishioner (sp?), Joel

  2. timburns says:

    Joel –
    I’m glad you stopped by! 🙂

  3. Wayne Broadstone says:

    Hi Tim, hey, impromptu suggestion. I encourage you to check out a site, Rapture Ready on web. It’s a HUGE volume of incredible bible centered authors who subscribe to literal belief in biblical exegesis. Yes, it does have a strong focus on prophetic studies (not sure of where you are on bible prophecy) but this site has emerged to be one of the highest impacting means to reach millions world wide. The site features an incredible array of Godly teachers/writers who are on the front line of defending and CONTENDING for the faith. You may be completely familiar with this site, but if not, I strongly suggest you visit this site. There is an ENORMOUS body of execllent articles that are very consistent with the quality of your published articles. I hope you don’t see this as intrusive or manipulative. A brief look at this site should dispell any concerns. Keep doing what you’re doing my brother!! wayne

  4. timburns says:

    Thanks Wayne! I’m familiar with Rapture Ready, though it’s been a while since I’ve personally visited the site. There were some good articles the last time I was there – I’ll be sure to check them out again.

  5. […] Tim Burns continues to provide great biblical content on his blog Preach The Word. […]

  6. Angela Terilli says:

    Hey Tim, just curious, do you consider that the pre trib rapture scenario could be a misunderstanding of the scriptures? I have studied the prophecy since 1998 and have come to a different conclusion. I’ve read about several teachers who now believe they could have been wrong.

  7. timburns says:

    Hi Angela,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I think every theory regarding the rapture has its strong points and weak points. Though I do firmly hold to the Pretribulational Rapture, there is no question some parts of the theory are weaker than others. Could it be wrong? Sure…but I believe it is the theory that best explains the Scriptures dealing with the rapture. Of course ultimately, Scripture itself is our final authority; not any theological viewpoint.

    So the Pretribulational Rapture is something I strongly believe, affirm, and teach, but I do not hold to it as firmly as the deity of Christ, His penal substitution, or His resurrection from the dead. (Just to name a few of the essential doctrines of the faith.)

    God bless you today,

  8. Joao Marcos says:

    Dear Friends:

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    Hercolubus or Red Planet.

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    Elimination of the Psychological Defects or Egos.

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