Mission to Cambodia #7 – Day 4 of teaching

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Missions

It’s hard to believe one full week of teaching is nearly complete! The way the classes work here is that instruction occurs Monday-Thursday, and then Friday is a day of testing for the students. As I write this post, the final class is taking place on Thursday afternoon. We’ve all written our tests and submitted them for translation, and the students will have their day of reckoning tomorrow. 🙂

Today was actually a pretty heavy day of instruction for the students. As Pastor Ivy taught through 2 Thessalonians, he introduced the prophecies about the Tribulation and Antichrist. Pastor Dave is teaching right now through Ephesians 4, regarding the spiritual offices of the church. I taught the remainder of Matthew 18-19 today, covering such topics as church discipline, marriage/divorce, and forgiveness. The students have been feverishly taking notes, and I pray that God helps them take it all in.

Last night was a wonderful night of worship, as we were able to visit Water of Life just a couple of blocks away from our hotel in Phnom Penh. It’s basically a Calvary Chapel, and they are involved in all sorts of ministries here in town, including a boy’s home, a girl’s home, English classes, art classes, orphan outreach, and much more. The boys had their night of Bible Study on Wednesday night, and it was glorious! Unlike the United States, where women are typically more expressive in their worship, among the Khmer (Cambodians), the men are the expressive ones. Teenage boys were singing with all their might – lifting their hands – even shouting and dancing from time to time. What tremendous worship & what a privilege to be with them!

An American missionary brought the Bible study from Proverbs 17-18, and the boys were digging into it as it was being translated. They were so engaged in the Word of God, with pens and highlighters at the ready. It was incredibly inspiring. These people have been through so much, and their culture has been rocked with genocide and tragedy and corruption, but God is doing amazing things. People are getting radically saved, and no doubt God will use these men and women to change their culture through the gospel.

As I’ve written before, I’m behind on my schedule and I’ve been praying that God would help me teach the assigned text, without glossing over what needs to be said. It’s quite possible God may answer this prayer in an unexpected way. It looks like Dave is ahead of schedule, and Ivy might be as well. If that’s the case, I might get to use their extra class-time to finish teaching Matthew. Praise God for the opportunities He provides!

Please continue praying for us: that God would give us wisdom in communication – that He would give us insight into this culture – that He would help us continue to work so wonderfully together as a team & use iron to sharpen iron. Please pray that the students will absorb the vast amount of instruction they are receiving. Pray for their churches in their local villages as they sacrifice their pastors while they study to be well-approved unto God. And pray for the local missionaries here, that Curtis and Bre would be in good health, fully able to do the work that God has placed before them.

Thank you for your prayers!


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