Mission to Cambodia #5 – the 2nd day of teaching

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Missions

Although the school day is officially still underway, I’ve now taught two full classes here at Harvest Bible College. The first day seemed to be a little rough, but that was to be expected as the men are hearing from us for the first time, and we are learning how they respond to us. Today’s teaching went very well! Due to our revised time constraints, I altered the whole schedule of my teaching (thank You, Lord, for helping us be flexible!), and I was hoping to finish up Matthew 15 & teach all of 16. I did get through all of 15, but didn’t quite get through 16…so I know I need to do a little better if we’re going to get through the text. However, we had some great discussion along the way, and we were able to drill home the importance of the sign of Jonah (the resurrection of Jesus), and Peter’s confession: “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

I had a bit of a personal blessing today in that we learned there was a gym close to the Bible college, so it looks like I’ll be able to get some running in during this trip, after all. I know it’s minor, but I see it as a bit of a blessing from our Heavenly Father who knows us so intimately. As my mother might say, it’s a laignappe – a Cajun word for referring to something that’s just a bit extra. Thank You, Father!

The men here are wonderful. We were able to share a meal together over lunch today, and they were overjoyed that we were eating Khmer food with them. It was tasty, and I’m looking forward to more opportunities.

Please keep praying for us! Each one of the American pastors has different challenges in the books that we are covering. Dave’s is to get enough student participation for the outlines that he planned – Ivy’s is to teach two weeks through such a short book – mine is to teach two weeks through such a long section of Scripture. God is good, and I know He will give us the help that we need.

Keep praying for these students, who are pastors themselves. Pray that they would be able to lift up Jesus to a culture that is so far removed from anything of Christianity. Pray that they have the discernment to know how best to preach the gospel, and that they would have the empowerment of God to absorb so much material so quickly.

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