Mission to Cambodia #1 – Made it to Korea!

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Missions

After many months of planning and prayer, the mission trip is finally here! I am currently in-transit to Cambodia, having a brief layover in Seoul, Korea. I’m traveling with Pastors Dave Anderson of Calvary Chapel Mount Pleasant, and Ivy Shelton of Sherwood Baptist in Odessa, TX. Together, we’re headed to Phnom Penh to work with students/pastors at Harvest Bible College. We’ll have two weeks to teach Ephesians, 2 Thessalonians, and (my task) Matthew 14-28. We’re following up on a session that took place the past two weeks, so the students have already been going strong. I’ve heard some great reports from one of the guys who were on the first trip, so hopefully we’ll be able to finish just as strong.

The flight to Korea was long, but good. I’d highly recommend Korean Air! It was a very comfortable flight, with lots of leg room (which is unusual for me!).

At this point, I’m praying that God would lead us, and continue to fill us with the Holy Spirit. Not only in safety during our travel, but in preparation for the work that lies ahead.

I’m grateful for everyone’s continued prayers, both for me, and for my wonderful family back in Tyler. God bless you!


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