Kingdom of Power

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Devotional

1 Corinthians 4:20, “For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power.”

The Corinthian church had become puffed up with pride, thinking themselves as wise and impressing one another with their list of teachers and supposed knowledge. The apostle Paul rightly knocks them down a few notches by telling them we are but fools that God has graciously chosen for His own, and through the power of Christ has saved us. The gospel itself is the demonstration of the power of God, which is nothing that man can make up or supersede.

How often we find ourselves puffing up with pride through our words! Many evangelicals rightly hold to sound doctrine, and we proclaim it with the authority it deserves. Yet sometimes we find ourselves slipping into the same trap as the Corinthians. We have our favorite teachers, and we hold them up as our theological trump cards. We have our pet doctrines, and in pride we proclaim non-essential truths to be on the same level as essential fundamentals of the faith, and then roundly condemn those who disagree with us. Oh beloved Christian, may we be careful that we’re not making the kingdom of God to be about our words!

God’s kingdom is certainly proclaimed in word, but it itself “is not in word but in power.” The kingdom is real & powerful & led by none other than Christ Jesus Himself. Our Lord Jesus has wonderfully demonstrated His power at the cross & resurrection. He certainly introduced His power with His miracles throughout His earthly ministry, but every supernatural healing paled in comparison with His own work in becoming the sacrifice for sin & personally rising again from the grave. Because of His work, we have been dramatically and powerfully saved. We who were facing eternal destruction were radically plucked from the judgment and wrath of God because the power and love of God through Christ Jesus. THAT’S true power!

Beloved, are you relying upon the power of God, or your own wisdom and words? Be sure to rest in His glorious power.


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