Coming with the clouds

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Devotional

Luke 21:27, “Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”

Oh blessed day of redemption! How we long for that day when we will see our Lord coming in the clouds! Those who are part of the Bride of Christ cannot wait until we gaze upon the face of our Blessed Bridegroom. Whether we see Him by death, or by rapture, we can be sure that one day we will see our Lord, and we will be with Him as He returns in great glory and power.

The 2nd coming of Christ is looked at by the world as mysterious or fanciful, but in reality it is nothing of the sort. The 2nd coming of Christ is a foregone conclusion. The question has never been “IF” Jesus will return one day, but rather “WHEN” is the day that Jesus will return? There is coming a day in which every human being will gaze upon the face of his/her Maker and be subject to give an account for the things done in life.

Notice that Jesus specifies that “they will see.” The “they” refers to the Gentiles – contextually speaking of those outside of the salvation of Christ. One day all the world will see Jesus coming with the clouds, and every doubt of His Lordship will be forever wiped away.

There are two ways someone can gaze upon the fully glorified Christ: (1) in cowering terror, or (2) in reverent worship. Those who see Christ apart from His salvation will realize the weight of their own sin, and the terrifying righteous judgment that awaits – yet those who have trusted Jesus as their Savior will rejoice to see our Lord and give Him the honor that is His due. The reaction that will not be seen is what is so often demonstrated today: indifference. The reality of Jesus’ glory simply does not leave us with that option. There will be no casual indifference when Jesus appears with power and great glory.

Praise God that today every human has the opportunity to receive of the gift of His grace! The 2nd coming of Christ need not be feared, but rather something in which to joyously look forward. Receive of the grace of Jesus today, and join with the Church as we cry out, “Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!”


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