Millennialism – Ch 4: Covenantism

Posted: June 26, 2009 in Book review

As with Ch 3, the focus of Ch 4 isn’t so much a primer or explanation of what Covenant theology teaches; but rather a critique of certain areas of Covenantism & a rebuttal to arguments Covenant theologians use against Dispensationalists.

Dr. Feinberg shows the Covenantalist canard that ‘Dispensationalism teaches two ways of salvation’ is often taught, but of course, untrue (pg. 83). He shows that Covenantalists divide up the Scriptures just as much as Dispenstationalists while claiming unity throughout just as Dispensationalists do (pg. 87). He demonstrates that Covenant theology is almost as young as Dispensationalism, and certainly cannot lay claim to any advantage of age (pg. 89). And of course, he take issue with their interpretation of Scripture – as seen in many examples throughout the chapter, pointing out inconsistencies regarding the plan of salvation (mostly ppg. 86-89).

Personally, I do wish Dr. Feinberg had taken the time to systematically go through specific tenets of Covenantism & critique them. But then again, I suppose that is what the remainder of this book will be dedicated to, at least in the area of the Millennium.

Exit quote from the 2nd endnote on the chapter:

“It should be stated that the concepts in a covenant of works and a covenant of grace are not unbiblical; however, nowhere can one find them systematized into covenants in Scripture. Even the nomenclature of the covenants never occurs in the Bible (Ryrie, Dispensationalism Today, pp. 177, 183-184). It needs no argument to prove that dispensations are found in the Bible (cf. Eph 1:10, 3:9). It is passing strange that Scripture nowhere mentions a covenant of works or a covenant of grace as it does with a covenant with Abraham, the covenant with Moses at Sinai, or the new covenant.” (pg. 90)


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