Does every comment get posted?

Posted: May 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yes – every comment (outside of spam) gets posted. I have noticed however, that some folks come by, blast away at whatever particular doctrine they disagree with (or Christianity in general), and then never return. I generally respond to those comments quickly in hopes of either generating an opportunity to talk about the gospel, start a theological dialogue, or at least an agree to disagree in Christian love.

I’ve got to assume that those who never return for a comment after my response never wanted a discussion in the 1st place, but rather use this forum to advance their own pet cause(s). I’ve decided to adopt a policy by which I delete these comments after a bit of time has elapsed with no response. I want to provide an opportunity for dialogue, but I don’t want people to be stumbled by false accusations either.

So feel free to comment…that’s the entire reason the “comment” function is enabled. But if you just want to blast & run, you might want to save your time at the outset & take it elsewhere.


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